In the small town of Deventer, there where once two young enthusiastic individuals, called Fabian Schrijver and Wietse Sennema, that came with the idea to host a small electronic music event in the (fairly large) basement of one of their houses. With everything in place and people invited, the only thing that was missing was a name for the event. Then one of them remembered a verse from the Bible that has quite some meaning: Mark 9 verse 23 “everything is possible for he who believes”, with the idea that if they linked this to the event, it definitely would become a successes. This is when 9.23 was born.

The first event, held on the 15th of October 2010, hosted the birth of a movement within the city of Deventer. During this time, musical entrepreneur Robert Vosmeijer was one of the artists involved. This involvement became one of the cornerstones for the expansion of 9.23 in the years to come.

After various ‘semi’ illegal parties in the famous 9.23 basement and various illegal parties held in the vicinity of Deventer, the organisation had a chance to host an area in party organised in the Deventer Schouwburg, the theater of the city. Later that year, they expanded to Burgerweeshuis, the only club in the city at the time.

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